Poster Stack adjustments/bugs

(Lisa Sandler) #1

@instacks - Jannis:

Some help with a couple of things? Here is my blog page:

  1. Any way to lessen the space that is reserved for Categories in the preview?

  2. Can’t get the back button/tags to go below the main content. It seems different for each main page. I tried adding margins but it seems to be ignored.

thank you :slight_smile:

(Doug Bennett) #2

For the extra space try this:

.blog-entry-body {
   padding-top: 0;

(Lisa Sandler) #3

Yep, thanks Doug, that worked.

(Jason Bostick) #4

I think @teefers should put on a talk at the Rapiweaver conference on tips to identify/target/edit CSS :slight_smile:

(Lisa Sandler) #5

Doug is good at that stuff, for sure :slight_smile: How about an information page with code pertaining to everything?!?!? lol
All I know how to do is change the #s once I have the code.

(Doug Bennett) #6

Give this a try for the other problem:

.stacks_in de_futural_posterstack_back_stack {

Haven’t been able to test it with class name, but worked with the ID.
Looks like the litebox is leving the float hanging.

(Doug Bennett) #7

Made a paste mistake Try this:

.de_futural_posterstack_back_stack {

Don’t need the stacks_in.

(Lisa Sandler) #8

Didn’t seem to work, but thanks for trying. I’m sure Jannis will get back to me overnight. (my night, as I am in Los Angeles)

(Doug Bennett) #9

Did you try the second one without the stack_in?

(Lisa Sandler) #10

Sorry didn’t see the updated post.

Yes, and no.

Yes, it drops the stack below, but doesn’t let me add margin space above the back button.

(Doug Bennett) #11

Try this:

.de_futural_posterstack_back_stack {
   padding-top: 10px;

This is using border-box for box-sizing.

(Lisa Sandler) #12

You got it! Maybe Jannis can add some these things built in one of these updates :slight_smile:
thanks again, Doug :slight_smile:

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #13

Good morning everyone :smiley:

Thanks Doug for helping out :+1: Will check.

Best, Jannis

(Chris Jones) #14

It looks like you solved your issues. Nice website. Do you mind telling me the name of the theme your using?

(Lisa Sandler) #15 With a bunch of good stacks :slight_smile:
If you’re not ready for Foundation, I used @willwood 's theme for 6 years until about a month ago.