Link colour not displaying correctly in Safari, iOS

I’ve got a site I’m finishing up at that uses the Flood theme and the Freestyle 2 slideshow.

In Chrome, IE and Firefox under Windows and Chrome on OSX, the photo credit on each of the four slides on the home page appear in a fetching pink. (Yes, I know, but it’s deliberate).

On Safari on OSX and iOS devices I’ve checked, they’re a kind of murky grey.

Anyone have a way around this?



hi @robbeattie, shows a lovely pink on my machine (mac mini) in safari…

Thanks @tnittner but now I’m even more confused! Can I ask what version of the OS and browser you’re using?


here goes rob, (aka @robbeattie) it’s safari 9.0.2 and el capitan is the operationg system!
greetings, tomas

Thanks. Anyone else care to take a look on Safari or iOS and tell me if they can see the pink?

And then give me the version numbers?


iOS 9.2 old iPad 3. Pink it is.

Once you visit click on name goes gray. Check CSS a:visited color.

The murky grey is the color of the visited links. When I first open the page the links was pink, but after I click on them they become murky grey :smile:

Refresh your browsers they should go back to pink. Link on them again and they will go grey.

Thanks. What I don’t get is that I’ve set visited links to pink in the Master Style. I think something’s got tangled up somewhere. I’m going to try a complete re-publish all files and see that fixes it.

Nope. Not working for me. Link starts off pink, then goes grey when visited (which it shouldn’t). Re-loading the page makes no difference - if I clear the history it resets to pink.

I wonder if links inside the slideshow are ‘ordinary’ links but need to be targeted in another way. Off to investigate.


Mac-Mini (mid-2011), OSX 10.11.2

Safari Version 9.0.2 (11601.3.9), header and footer are different shades of pink, the background of the Photo Credit is a medium muted gray. Link is Pink, after visited is a very slightly different shade of gray than the background for the Photo Credit Gray, so hard to read.

Chrome Version 47.0.2526.80, Same as Safari exactly

Firefox 42.0, same as Safari, but Credit link after visited is a nicer combo of shades of gray for visited links.

iPhone 6, IOS 9.2

Safari, Header is pink, footer is light muted gray, Photo Credit is same as above, visited colour is gray, non-visited is pink

Chrome 47.0.2526.70, same as iPhone Safari

The advise for a:visited seems appropriate, may be defined in the stack not site wide in the theme


Thanks everyone. I think I’ve cracked it with this:

.bx-caption a:visited {
color: #D794B5;