I need major help with Safari Links that turn invisible after using- SOLVED

I am a total neophyte with regard to CSS. I have managed to use 1 set of global CSS to change nav font size, but that is it.
I want desperately to change (or override) what Safari seems to do to links that have been viewed. My site is fine on Firefox, and other browsers, and fine on Safari when the history has been cleared, but on iphones and such clearing history is difficult at best and people just don’t do it. So I want my links to stay visible, Frankly I don’t care if they change color or not, I just want them usable and see-able. What happens now is they turn ultra light grey which on my light colored backgrounds make them vanish. I’ve tried every setting I can find in the old theme I am using and love, so I am turning to this in the hopes that there is someone who can walk me thru exactly what I need to do to make this work. Thank you in advance.

If anyone is going to help you out, they are going to need a link to your site. There is no way to help you other wise.

www.caroleandpaula.com is the site

Hi Stuart,

I’ve just looked at the site on an iPhone with Safari and the links look OK to me.

Navigation items turn bright green once visited, and links in the text turn from purple to black, then back to purple when I re-load the page.

Can you describe a specific link that is causing problems and I’ll take a look using the phone and on a Mac.

P.S. It’s probably not what you want to hear but you’d be doing visitors a favour if you switched to a responsive theme that would make browsing the site on a mobile device much more enjoyable.

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I managed to fix it. I found code and figured out how to put it in.
This is a partially responsive theme and theme shopping is an exercise in misery.

Stuart J. Allyn

Fair enough, driver’s rules and all that. I’d be genuinely interested to know how it qualifies as partially responsive though.

Yes, would be helpful to others if you would podt the fix and edit the post title adding SOLVED

So, after a lot of looking around and a lot of trial and error.
Here’s what worked.
Under SETTINGS - Show
Then CODE,
Then the CSS Tab
Then a carriage return if there is already anything else there.
Then I finally got this entered.
This provides 2 different things to happen, the second one on some sites amy not be needed but it was for mine.
The first bit, changed the visited link to dark red
the second one changed the visited link in the navigation to bright green.

a:visited {
color: #d105bf ;
#navcontainer a:visited {
color: #13fa04 ;