Link directly to tabs in Tab2 (Doobox)

I am using Tab 2 on a TotalCMS admin page. Each tab represents the admin section of one particular page in the project. How can I create a link directly to a particular tab so that the login button on each page takes the admin directly to this section inside the admin area?

Actually I have a similar question – can you link to a specific tab section so that it opens instead of the one which is (regularely or already) open?
@Doobox ??
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@doobox Same question here.

I am not able to find a Tab stack that has each items named…and that is required to link directly to an item, but I did find ZipList 2 stack and it works like a champ.
Here is a sample:

You might want to check out Switcher by @willwood. See this link:

The individual items are still not named…so no link possible that I can see?

Scroll all the way down and there’s a section titled: Custom links and buttons in Switcher 2.6 [advanced]

Isn’t that what you want?

That is just a way to link to a group of tabs, etc…but still nothing to the individual items. We can ask @willwood if there is a way?
But it you look at Ziplist 2…each item has a name.

Honestly I’m not going to take the time to look at Ziplist. I don’t care about this issue. Just trying to provide you with options. Hopefully Will can provide more info for you.

It wasn’t for me…just trying to help.

The accordion Squeezebox Stack by @joeworkman automatically creates links to each section which can then be linked. It renders beautifully with existing theme styling or can be custom-styled as well. @joeworkman has produced a pretty good video tutorial on how to use Squeezebox at

I also own @willwood’s Switcher Stack which is excellent as well for most needs–except links.

An added benefit of Switcher is you can create sections as Tabs, and they’ll automatically render as accordion sections on mobile devices. Links are not automatically created in the Switcher Stack, but as noted above, they can be created for each section.

I’ve tried to do create Switcher links numerous times but have never been successful. I wish they were automatically generated as Switcher has more flexibility than Squeezebox.

I would love it if @willwood created a video tutorial on just how exactly to create links in Switcher, as I would probably switch to Switcher for most all my accordions and tabs.

I also own @Elixir’s Ivy2 Stack, another accordion. Ivy2 is the most visually stunning of the three, which is why I bought it. It also comes with multiple styles built in, maybe 10 or 12, and each one is absolutely gorgeous. Many of the built-in styles perfectly match with the default styles of Elixir’s themes. All of @Elixir’s work is just beautiful.

He also provides an excellent tutorial video and excellent and very prompt support.

However, despite the good looks, Ivy2 does not create links either, nor is there a way to add links to the sections as in Switcher, and in my last communication with @Elixir on the topic, he said there were no plans to add this feature.

In my opinion creating links to content is all-important because links are the primary factor in building/optimizing a site for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and with 800+ stacks now developed, each one of them should have this capability built-in.

@Realmac itself could and should get involved with this because Realmac’s ultimate goal should be to put RapidWeaver-created sites landing at the top of any and all all web searches.

If this was a reality, it would be great for Realmac, RW Add-on developers, RW end users and web developers, and most of all, great for site owners–as well as their end users.

RapidWeaver would be the most-demanded web development brand-name in existence for web creation.

However, until that happens, I believe Stack developers should add an automatic link creation capability into every stack.


All tabs and accordion stacks in Foundation 6 have section linking. :slight_smile:

Cool. I may have to look further at that. Thanks @joeworkman

This is kinda related, Maybe @willwood will post the project file here for the rest of us?

You are so good…always a step ahead!!!

@doobox Gary, could you please comment on the status (links) and possibly future plans for the Tab2 stack?

The RW7 (Stacks4) project file can be downloaded here :sunglasses:.

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Sections are not directly linkable in Tab 2.