Can ZipList 2 link to other ZipLists?

I have a ZipList 2 accordion at:

Inside of Item #5 “Children & Teens,” there is an HREF link to Item #13. When clicking on this link, ZipList 2 CENTERS on Item #13, but does not open it. Is there a way to get #13 to open with a link like this?

Thanks @willwood and anyone else who might know.

only to a main ziplist item

I still have not found a solution that works. I will remove this HREF link for now.

I don’t see the “HREF” link?

Where is it on the page?

How are you setting the link? HTML on the page or the link manager?

Native HTML:

<a href="#answer-13" data-ziplist="answer-13">#13 below</a>

Link Manager:

Hit the +
Name data-ziplist
Value: answer-13

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Hi @firedude2894

It looks like you have already had a response from @joemart1951 who thinks what you want can’t be done in v2. So I have not looked at this any further.

I don’t appear to have received any follow-up details from you or a project file to look at. Apologies if I might have missed your email - please send it again.

If the project file was large, try sending it with Dropbox or a similar file sharing service. Remember to compress it as a .zip package first, to prevent breakage during transit!

I try to reply to all emails and Discord chat messages the same day they are received. But I have to bounce emails with big attachments people sometimes send, because they otherwise clog-up my inbox and cause delays to other customers.

When I updated the ZipList stack some months back, I made changes to how anchor links are handled. This update also addressed some problems whereby anchor links would not work in some situations and the scroll-to effect could be compromised by things like fixed header bars at the top of the page.

Perhaps version 3 might work better for you?


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I am using ver 3…If I am wrong…cool…just let us know if I can link to an item inside of ziplist inside of a ziplist?

The native HTML worked beautifully. Thanks Doug!

I will have a look at version 3. Typically your upgrades are well worth the price!
I am assuming that buying the upgrade would mean that I need to rebuild my ZipLists in V3 to get the new features? And that ZipList V2 and V3 can coexist?


@firedude2894 v3 is a free update for most users. Just use the order lookup link on the website to login to your Paddle account and see if v3 is listed there for you. It has an orange and white icon.

v2 and v3 certainly can be installed on the same computer. Stacks treats them as separate stacks.


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From the site:
Multiple ZipList stacks can be safely used on the same webpage. You can even nest ZipList stacks inside of each other! The trick to ensuring multiple ZipList stacks can co-exist on the same webpage is to ensure each one has a unique ZipList ID setup in the options. Obviously in nested setups, custom triggers will only work on the ‘parent’ ZipList.

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