How to create direct links to items in a list?

I have a simple page with a longish list of 2 column stacks, but is there a way to create a link to a particular item on a page like this? i.e. if I want to email someone a link to a video that’s near the bottom of the page, without telling them “oh just scroll down until you hit it”.

Here’s the page, hope I explained it clearly -

Yes you can. HTML requires an anchor point to go directly to a point on a page.

Joe Workman has a free stack that does just what you wnat:

There are also several posts here if you do a search on it.

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Perfect, many thanks to you and the always great Joe Workman!

Hmmm, it works great - with a caveat. When you add the #anchor to the URL, it directly links you to the item as intended. BUT, if you then scroll to the top of the page, the menu is not visible. Is that a bug or a feature?!

For example:

The page with menu:

The page with an anchor link to something lower down:
(Scroll up or hit the Up button)

No menu.

Never seen that happen before, looks as though the menu is there (inspect element) just hidden. Might be something in the theme your using I think it was Iris (by @nickcates).

I’ve reached out to both JW and NC support to see what’s the do.

Keep us posted on what you find. @zeebe who works for Joe has done quite a number of posts on link-anchor.

My first guess would be to try it out with another theme and see if the same thing happens. Use one of the themes that come with RapidWeaver. If it does, then it is an issue with the stack, if not, then it is the theme.

Definitely a theme issue. Using a different theme and copy/pasting the content into it creates links that open in a new browser page. I’ll shoot an email to Nick Cates.