Link to a specific tab from other page - HOW?

Someone tell me how to make a link to a specific tab that is located on another page? Stack Tabs and the theme Foundry.
How in the link editing window does it write correctly to work?

I wanted to make a review page for each employee (worker) and place it in a stack of Tabs, but how much i try, does not work, all the time opens the first tab.

How should opening a specific tab work? Do you have information about that? How do you know that this is supported?

I don’t think this is possible by default with the Foundry Tabs stack. There may be some special code that will do this, but I’m not sure what it is. Since Foundry is Bootstrap based it’s always possible someone has posted/created code that will do what you want for the Bootstrap community: worth a search.

Some other options:

  • Will Woodgate’s Toggle Plus provides some custom code to accomplish what you want. See here:
  • Will Woodgate’s Jump stack. In this case you would create not tabs, nor toggles, but essentially one long document using markdown or HTML that includes headers. In the Jump stack you can then very easily create a Table of Contents that will link to each header (in your case each employee). That ToC can then be placed anywhere on the page in a variety of looks/format. More here:
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Mathew, thanks for the advice! Not quite as intended (Toggle Plus), but it works. However, in the Preview do not see the result, only on the site.

Do you mean you only see it work after published? That’s probably true given how the code works.

I mean, I don’t know how in the edit links window to write the link itself. So I write the full link to the page (www.example,com/page…), and to check the work only after publication.

I’m sorry but I’m not really understand what you mean. Bottom line: if the published page works fine that’s all that matters. In this case it may not be possible to check via Preview: I’m not sure about that.

… but in case I’m misunderstanding … you did scroll down to the bottom of Will’s TogglePlus page and read this section:

Linking and opening a specific TogglePlus stack from another page

So a link, in general, will look like this:

Of course the details will change but hopefully you get the idea.

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This may be the difficulty of translation. I about that also speak, that in the Preview the result will not see.

Okay, but that’s not necessarily a problem. Instead of Preview, does it work with the published page? If it does then that’s all that is important.

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You can jump to a specific tab or accordion and open it from a link using S4S Switcher - This should do exactly what you want.

Gary’s suggestion is even better. I like Switcher a lot, but I had forgotten the name. You’ll need to scroll way down the page and pay special attention to this section:

Triggering accordions and tabs from page hashes [advanced]