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Hello, I’m wondering if it is possible to make a link with an anchor, to a portion of a page from a site that is not mine. For example, there’s a review of my work on a magazine’s page, but I appear at the bottom of the page. Can I use a string of characters to make my own anchor to this part of the page?

You can’t make an anchor on their page. Anchors get inserted into the source HTML. Since you don’t control their HTML code, you can’t add an anchor to their page.

If they already have an appropriate anchor in their page, you can certainly link to that anchor from your page. If you point us at the page and review that you are trying to link to, we make be able to find an existing anchor on their page that will work.

If not, you’d have to ask them to add an anchor in their page for you to target.

Thanks a lot for your reply, I had no idea if it would have been possible or not!

The link is posted in my original post, and the part regarding my work starts at the h1 header MULTIMEDIA

I doubt they placed an anchor in the page (I’ve looked at the code, but I’m not sure how an anchor looks like), so I will do without it.

I took a look and there are no id attributes on or near that h1 element.

Check our Doobox’s Little Mouse. It will allow you to set a target to any link on the web.


As Doug mentioned, I don’t see any id attributes near where you want to target. To link to somewhere specific on a page, you need something that is unique to that position. That is typical an anchor tag, but it can also be done if there was an id where you need to go to.

Unless I’m missing something in the documentation, Little mouse won’t help you link to a website that doesn’t have an id to target.I don’t believe that will help you.

Thanks for the replies. Little Mouse looks good, but I also doubt it would do what I needed.

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