Link to open Whatsapp conundrum - SOLVED

I’m trying to create a link which, when clicked on a computer or tablet/phone launches Whatsapp - assuming it’s installed.

When I put the code ‘behind’ a button like ButtonPlus or Elixir’s Pop stack, it works perfectly. When I just highlight some text and then click RW’s Link button and paste the same code into the dialogue box it messes up the formatting of the text. And it add insult to injury, it doesn’t work. 8-(

Here’s the code I’m using

<a href="whatsapp://send?abid=09876543212&text=HeyThere!">whatsapp</a>

And you can see it in action here - - the two buttons work fine, but the link in the left hand column doesn’t work at all.

Any ideas?



Hi, the link is not correct. You use:<a%20href=

Should be:

So it seems the link has been altered.

Hmm. I don’t get it. I’m pasting exactly the same link into RW’s Link box as I’m using for both buttons - they work fine.

Maybe it needs some sort of custom attribute?


Hi @robbeattie,

Can you post a sample project here (or email it to - let them know I sent you, and they’ll pass it on to me) that shows this issue happening?

I’ve tried pasting the same link into RapidWeaver’s Link panel and I’m not seeing the same result.



Just on my way home so will do it this afternoon. Cheers.

Hi @robbeattie. The support team sent me your project, and I’ve spotted the issue. Here’s a screenshot of the link panel for the link in question:

The content of this field should be a URL, not a HTML tag. So it should be:

I hope that helps!



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Well played. That’s fixed it. Many thanks.


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