RW7 stupid question, how to make a text link?


I feel really stupid, I upgraded to RW7 from RW5 and I am creating a new website with RW7 to link to a couple of my other websites. I cannot seem to find how to create a link in RW7. I am sure it’s something simple, but I have wasted an hour and cannot seem to find anything. Also help and online manual suck!


Not at my computer right now but you can just highlight the text you want to link and then there’ll be an orange link icon towards the bottom left of your screen. That will brink up the link dialogue box and you can link to a URL or page from there.


Thanks, but no go… I would hope it’s that easy, but nothing.

As you can see Computer Audio is selected and nothing?


Looks like you’re using a MarkDown page?
Markdown requires it’s own link format:


Yep, Doug has it right. The method I describes would be for use on a Stacks or Styled Text page. Markdown has its own forkat

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Doug, Jason thanks!