LinkedIn Badge in RapidWeaver

Can someone help me create a LinkedIn badge on a site I am building here…

at the moment it is just a link that says ‘Tony Palmer’ which doesn’t actually go anywhere yet.

According to this page on LinkedIn…

So I have put this in to an HTML stack.

But clearly that’s not quite right as you can see the button is not displaying correctly nor does the link anyway.

Can anyone help?

I believe the script panel puts the type=javascript and endscript on the snippet. If you look at your generated code those are probably on there twice. So try the snippet beginning at “src-” and don’t put the endscript tag on.

or… just put the whole snippet as is in code HEAD or BODY or even PREFIX… try all three…

Thanks Greg,

I tried all your suggestions and nothing worked at all, so by pure chance I moved the HTML stacks to another page and hey presto it displayed just fine!

It struck me that the only difference between the original page and the new page was the animation Stacks on the original so I created a brand new empty HTML page and pasted in the code in to there and then used PlusKit to import this new page in to the original page and that did the trick. Not sure why but it certainly worked.

I’m not actually that confident this is a bullet proof resolution to this but it’s working at the moment so I’m happy with that.