How to include a LinkedIn Batch in RW project?

I would like to include my LinkedIn batch on my (Stacks) website. This page explains how it should be done:

I should paste this script in my page:

Next, this code should be included in the head container:

Rik Albrecht, CFA, CPE

I have tried pasting the script in the JavaScript, Prefix, Head and Body sections in the HTML Code tab of the Inspector. I have also tried pasting the script in a HTML stack.
I’ve tried that with and without the tags. I have also tried it in a new, blanc project without Stacks. But nothing seems to work. All I see is my name, but not a batch of any kind.

There are some other topics on the forum about this issue, but it does not seem to have been resolved.

How do I include a LinkedIn batch on my RapidWeaver website?

I don’t use LinkedIn, but I’m assuming that you want to include the badge (not batch).

The code you are showing doesn’t make sense from what I’ve seen.

From the instructions, you should have a Javascript and some complete HTML Code to insert.

As I said I don’t use it, but found this instructions and video.

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