Linking a page button to a certain area of a stacks page

(stuart macaulay) #1

Is there a way of linking a page button from the menu to a certain area of a stacks page? I have a number of sub titles headings on a stacks page which i would like to be navigated to via the menu buttons on the traveler theme from Michael david. Many thanks for looking. The website so far is:

(Darren Bentz) #2

If I understand the question correctly I think you just need to use links and anchors. Check Google for some tutorials and see if that’s what you need.

(David) #3

It’s a good question - I’d also like to know how to do this.

How can one set an anchor link to a top menu, as they only link to pages with no option to set a specific link afaik.

Maybe some code expert has or could make a CSS so an anchor could be set on a copy of the page with the anchor area’s name (like “Prices and Booking” on Stu’s site) so “Prices and Booking” shows up as a page link in the main menu.

Joe W.'s free “Link and Anchor” stack ( ) is great to set anchors, but how can you get “Prices and Booking” to display in the main navigation of a theme and set the link to the anchor of the “Prices and Booking” stack anchor?

(Christopher Watson) #4

Perhaps an Offsite Page with redirect to the anchor…? Bit clunky because it would reload the page but would work…

(stuart macaulay) #5

Hi, thanks for this. Have added this for ‘The area’ page which sort of works but then loses all info that is above the anchor that i placed on the page, any ideas? page is:

Thanks everyone!