Linking to an anchor on another page inside a Tably tab?

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Hi everyone. I’m using Joe Workman’s anchor stack for this. I placed an anchor inside the third tab of a Tably stack (from Yuzool themes).

The link is on the home page of the website. There’s a Cycler at the bottom that shows an Easter Brunch graphic with a description in the first slide. The link is the last line of the description. It’s supposed to link to the Easter Brunch Menu Tably tab on the menus page, but it only takes you to the Menus page.

I have the anchor named as “anchor_easterbrunchmenu” and the link is “”.

The link to the site is

Any ideas? Maybe it’s just not possible with Tably?

Thanks in advance!


PS: I discovered a setting in Tably that lets you set the default tab to show on the page, so I set it to the Brunch Menu. This works, for now, but I would still love to be able to link to an anchor on any of those tabs.

(Doug Bennett) #2

Try this:

  • Get rid of the anchor tag (not needed).

  • Change your link to this:

(Steve Krason) #3

Yep, that totally worked. I’m more of a designer than a coder so I didn’t realize I could just point it to the div id.

Thank you so much. You rock.

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