DooBox Anchor Link Tutorial

Can anybody point me to a tutorial about how to set up a DooBox Anchor Link?

What I want is to be able to scroll to an anchor on another page and be able find a specific position on that page.

For example: I have a drawing of a kitchen cabinet that contains rollout shelves. I would like to be able to link this drawing to a photograph of a rollout shelf. This photograph is located near the bottom of another webpage that discusses cabinet gizmos in general.

The DooBox pages I have been able to find prove to me this can be done but do not discuss the mechanisms of how to make it happen.

Any ideas where to find training for this?

I found the settings and did everything the settings stipulated.
Then I spent about an hour over three different occasions just trying random ideas out.

I was operating under the assumptions that you just had to set a common (unique) ID for the anchor and the “Scrolls to Anchor” stack. I assumed the Scrolls To button would know where to go.

It appears that in addition to this you also need to stipulate what page the anchor lives on. This seems a little like linking to the page but is actually linking to the anchor.

The next problem to solve was how to fine tune the anchor position on the anchor screen.
The anchor has a field called “Top Offset”. As near as I can figure this offset is in relation to the top of what is visible in the browser. I haven’t thoroughly vetted that part yet.

Being able to control anchors is huge for me.
Now I need to see if I can do this within an Accordion stack.

Seems to work just fine when nested inside Accordion stack.

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