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Greetings all, i am new to this program and pretty ignorant to building a site. Im a photographer.
So, my first question is how to add a link from my site to my SALE site, or my Sisters site, or any other site for that matter.
What are Breadcrumbs??? What are stacks???/
When getting ready to publish do I need a place to host the site at? If so any recommendations?

Welcome to the world of RapidWeaver! Lots of questions, let’s try to take them 1 by 1.

Linking to your Sale Site. Add a new page to your site and make it an Offsite page type (click on the plus in the upper left of the page and find All Plugins and go down to Offsite Page). See this screenshot, but ignore any page types you might not have.

In the settings of that page, you will want to put a URL to your sale site:

This will make a link in your menu to that page.

Breadcrumbs are a list of links that got you to the page you are on. They are normally at the bottom of the page, but I have seen them on top. You can see an example of how the Foundation theme uses breadcrumbs on this page:

Stacks - The Stacks plugin is made by Yourhead it is a page type plugin that allows you to use stacks (notice the difference between the Stacks plugin and stacks?? Small s), which is kind of like a lego type of way to make a page. You can add many different types of things to a page, images, text, video, banners, etc. It is an additional cost to get the plugin, but I believe it is WELL worth it.

Hosting - Yes, you will need a host. A lot of people on the forums use Chillidog Hosting I use Bluehost.

Hope that helps! Good luck with making your first site!!

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If you have seen the Community site, there’s also a host of tutorial videos here: Some are free, some require you to have a subscription. I think all the ‘Getting Started’ ones are free.