Link List help wanted

(john springate) #1

Is anyone here using link list? would certainly appreciate some help to set it up :slight_smile:

(Mathew Mitchell) #2

What is link list? Can you be more specific?

(john springate) #3

HI Its a stacks plug in

The plot is its a row of button which Im hoping I can use to navigate to various pages on my website

(Mathew Mitchell) #4

Aha, got it! That’s a very nice stack: in fact I own it. But I have not used it in a project yet so I can’t really help you. Have you tried contacting the developer? He is very friendly and helpful.

(john springate) #5

Yes Ive been in touch but no response yet. Just need to know what to put in the dialogue boxes

(Rob D) #6

At the bottom of the product page is the link that opens instructions. Look for this line: β€œSetup LinkList on a Single Page to Control Content - Click Here …”