Little Snapper files

Where does Little Snapper store the files/images? (This is a Realmac app)

Thank you.

If you look in the menu:


you’ll see the path to where the library is stored, I have mine located in a dropbox folder.



Thank you Mark! I had accidentally deleted the app. I hope to find the images on my TimeMachine backup HD.

One more thing. The snap area function does not work for me anymore. Result in a black area. No images are shown.


Hi Johanes

You do know that Little Snapper stopped being supported a long (long) time ago, so there are bound to be some issues that creep in over time with updated versions of OSX?

However, Ive just tried and snap area does appear to work OK, what maybe fooling you is that the screen just darkens without a prompt as to what to do, but if you drag out a selection you should be good, worked for me anyway…

Hopefully your image recovery goes well, but once you’ve got everything back suggest you export everything and import into a newer, supported app - I’m using Pixave now - having said that, I always liked Little Snapper…