Little white lines

Having 2 ongoing issues with my rapidweaver:

  1. When I republish any of my sites sometimes this does not complete, that’s fine, however my rapidweaver freezes and I have to resort to force-quit from my mac menu
  2. I have 2 pages on a website; home page and pilgrimage that are formatted pretty much the same. For each page i have sections, each section is a blueprint one with a 3 column stack containing a title, paragraph and thumbnail pic that links to a video on a separate page, and a divider. On the pilgrimage page I have 11 of these sections and 4 of them have this annoying white line about 1 pixel running across the top. I have recreated the affected section, check to see it is fine then go back to delete the older one, preview again and boom the white line is back again! Going to cry soon!
    See for yourself on pilgrimage page Thanks

I don’t have an answer but if you re-size the browser windows, the white lines disappear at a certain breakpoint. Maybe there’s a clue there?

Not sure about 1.

For 2 is it just in Safari that you see this? I’ve seen @tav mention this before somewhere. It’s do do with how safari rounds the values. You can add a small negative margin to top of your Blueprints and this should bring them up to hide that gap. Just add a value of -0.2px or something like that for the top margin.

The browser size does not make a difference from my vantage point but thanks anyway

Thanks, I’ll give that a go with negative margins. Viewing site in chrome is worse than safari. Thanks

Well, the lines disappear when the browser is re-sized on Chrome.

Yes. Unfortunately I can barely see due to migraine… will have a look in the morning. I do appreciate the feedbacks!

Looks like the rounding error as @habitualshakerhas described but there is a very very easy fix in this case and one that would improve the page anyway.

Instead of adding the background colour to each of the individual blueprint stacks on the page just simply add it once to the Foundation Site Styles page background and make the BluePrint’s transparent. This means that you will never see the sub pixel rounding error and you will also save a load of repetitive CSS.

Hope the migraine gets better.

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Thank you your advice worked a treat. Love this forum!

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