Live Search stack triggering Lockdown password request

I have a specific Search page using 1LD’s Live Search stack.

I also have a lockdown page for membership passwords.

The 2 pages are quite separate - the Search page is not ‘nested’ below the Lockdown page.

Hoever, if you visit the Search page it triggers the Lockdown password request.

If I publish the search page without the Live Search stack the problem goes away

All was fine on the previous version of the site - this has just started happening since I moved everything to a new Foundation site.

Any ideas? Link: - click on the Search tab

looks like lockdown is .htaccess?

Not SSL?
Really tough to tell without seeing a directory of your site including hidden (.htaccess) files, and maybe a screenshot of your access rules.

btw Sitemap page is not working:

Thanks Doug - yes Lockdown is .htaccess. Like I say, it worked fine previously but now with Foundation and assorted new stacks something is causing an upset!

Well spotted with Sitemap - however it is only temporary as I am using Pluskit’s import function but have temporarily removed the pluskit plugin on the off-chance it was messing with Lockdown. It isn’t so Pluskit is about to go back!

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