Lockdown Manual

I need instruction on how to use Lockdown. There is no instruction manual I can find online so if anyone has one I’d be eternally grateful.

There’s an old guide here from the previous author before it was taken over - instructions still basically the same -http://www.loghound.com/lockdown/index.html

Hi Dave, Having a look as we speak. Let you know how I get on. One thing that concerns me though is that I am running on a Mac!!

I am creating a website for a recreational club. I publish their newsletter every 2 months and thought that i’d go one step further and create a website with all our club details, but protecting Member information with a password for members only. Reading through the instructions it appears that to test lockdown I have to publish to a server. I haven’t got that far yet as I haven’t completed the project and I’m really not sure if it will get the agreement from our members to go ahead. I’ll keep reading and see if I can get any other hints. Thanks for the link, and I’ll keep you posted.

Sorry, I don’t understand the ‘running on a Mac’ comment - Rapidweaver (and any plugins) only runs on a Mac…

If you want to test Lockdown, ignore the Test instructions from the link I sent you, they are from an old version and will probably not work these days!

If you want to view and test your site without publishing to a web server, download and install MAMP (free) - https://www.mamp.info/en/ - It’s local webserver running on your Mac.

I’d be cautious using Lockdown. When I last used it there was no log-out function and it threw up all sorts of problems - particularly the log-in box freezing and/or constantly re-appearing.

Yourhead may well have done some updates but check that first. As there is no reference manual I’d think not a lot has been done. I’ve used PageSafe from Joe Workman - it’s not cheap but it is great. If cost is an issue you can password protect pages in cPanel and/or .htaccess for free if your server uses that and I/m sure other systems offer the same.

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There was a fairly recent update that solved all my problems with RW8.

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Since it’s a membership, you might have a look at @vibralogix sitelok.

I’ve never had any luck with lockdown either. Pagesafe works very well.
With Lockdown or Pagesafe you will need to manage passwords and logins manually. Sitelok can allow the end users to do things like change passwords.

What ever solution you choose, be careful with private information.

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Thanks Dave. Will give that a try

Yes, the choice is to just list names or to include Phone and email details for the benefit of members trying to contact each other, but if I can’t secure the details then I’ll just go with the names.

I’d make sure you have the individual members permission, I know of a golf club that got sued for publishing members names.

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