LockDown uninstalled and STILL asking for a username and password


My apologies if this has been covered, I did do a search.

I was using lockdown for a website but I’ve deleted it and created a new site, on a different domain name and it STILL asks for a username and password!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’d say this is a question for @isaiah?


Thanks, I’ll try him.

It’s a bit ambiguous what you write:

  1. did you delete the website?
  2. did you delete Lockdown from your Mac?

If you did #1, then that will have no impact on Lockdown. If you really did #2 then that’s bizarre behavior.

Thanks for the reply, I deleted the website ( was finished with it anyway) and changed the domain name.

I also clicked on Show Stacks Library in Finder and deleted Lockdown from there. I thought there might be another version lurking somewhere, but a Spotlight search showed nothing.

Also, the web address is http://www.the-forgotten-novel.com/rw_common/themes/landerpro/js/multithemes.js?rwcache=545944317

Which may be the issue, but I can’t find the RapidWeaver cache files.

Lockdown is a plugin, not a stack. So it will NOT be stored in the Stacks folder. It will have the extension of: .rapidweaverplugin

I couldn’t find that either, but I called my hosting provider (SiteGround) and they found the pages were still password protected at there end. So it’s all fixed now. I appreciate your help😀

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