Local storage deletion

Since the cookie law came in, I’ve found an increasing number of sites I visit installing some sort of tracking? file on my iMac which when I look under Safari> Preferences >Privacy >Manage Website Data is shown as ‘Local storage’.

I use CCCleaner to delete cookies from sites whose clutter I don’t want, and I click ‘Empty Cache’ before quitting Safari, but the only way I’ve found to remove/delete ‘Local Storage’ is one by one and even then not certain of deleting because they often bounce back.

Invasion of privacy is a big issue and it’s getting to the stage that I am seriously considering deleting all cookies, etc regardless, at the end of my browsing session, no matter how inconvenient that would be.

What is the quickest most reliable way to delete these ‘Local Storage’ files and can anyone please recommend a good app that could do the job at the click of a button?

As far as I know, Local Storage items can be deleted by emptying the folder under ~/Library/Safari/LocalStorage

for safari of course

This could be something:


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Thanks. i have downloaded and shall trial.