Locking old threads

Several times recently users have posted at the bottom of threads that are years out of date. I’ve even done it accidentally myself.

While, to a user, a crash is a crash – but developers know that a crash after updating to RW 7.0 is probably not related to the crash they got after updating to Stacks 3.5.

It’s great to have all this old history – but sometimes it seems like it would be better if we could encourage users to post new threads (and perhaps link to the old ones) instead of just posting to the bottom of really stale old threads.

I was wondering if it’s possible to lock down threads when they get to a certain age – or haven’t been posted to in a long time.

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That’s a good idea!

I’ll have a look at the options in the forum software and see if we can lock threads automatically after x number of days being inactive.

Done. Threads will now close automatically 6 days after the latest comment.

I’ll monitor this and can always extend the time if it’s not long enough.

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I would think that 6 days seems a little short IMHO. I would think something like 2 weeks… but we will see what users think…

Good idea though!

Damn! That was fast!


6 days seems a bit aggressive – but I guess you can adjust it to whatever makes more sense as we see how it works out.