Logo in header of Nick Cates' Forward theme

I’ve got a project going with Nick’s Forward theme–which is great, but the logo placement is in the middle of the banner area instead of in the header.

See https://nickcatesdesign.com/preview/rapidweaver/forward/

However, I found a Forward-built site today, and it has a png file in the header, i.e a logo. See http://cokin-filters.com.

How did they do this? I really need to know.


Did you ever get a solution for putting your logo on top in the forward theme by nick cates?
I’m looking to to the same thing

I haven’t looked at it specifically, but I bet it’s possible using the Teleporter (Doobox) or Houdini (Joe Workman) stacks. Put just the logo in the stack, and insert the custom div into the site title in the site setup.

I’d be really happy if someone can come up with an answer…what would be the "custom div’ you are talking about?
I have a similar problem with the Shift theme of Weaverthemes…waiting on an answer from Vitor?

You set the custom div in the stack setting. It’s any string of text that you like. So it could be “unicorn” or “logo” or whatever makes sense to you. Teleporter and Houdini are different, so I can’t be more specific than that without knowing which stack you’re using. It’s really obvious when you get in the stack setup and each give detailed instructions for placing the div where you’d like.

Thanks for that, but not a 100% solution,used Doobox teleport…works for my ‘Multithemes’ themes, but not for any of my ‘Weaverthemes’ -a few of Nick cates, but not all.
If it doesnt work it just shows the words - ‘TeleportMe’
Any other ideas?
Thanks for any guidance

There are more ways to get it done with the Houdini stack, but I was able to make it work with Teleporter in the Forward theme, @davidfreels and @signfarm.

@pigglypots it really is a theme-specific hack because each dev uses a different architecture/design for creating a theme, for a variety of reasons. If the theme doesn’t like it, you’d need to either declare a custom CSS class using the CSS Box stack or figure out which divs are in the header and prepend or postpend from one of them.

This is on a blank stacks page with only the Teleporter stack and my logo. The declaration from Teleporter is set at “TeleportMe” and in the site setup title I put “TeleportMe”

If you’d like the image, text, and a nice break, you could do this: “TeleportMe < b r > Hello!” (no space for the br declaration).


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