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Hi Folks,

Is there a way to override the logo on my website on just a few pages? I know I can change the Title and Slogan on the general page properties section, but couldn’t find a way to overrride the logo.

Any clever folk point me in the right direction? Suspect it will be a bit of code in the prefix, but my coding knowledge is pretty patchy!

Thanks in advance!


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Actually, I have got around this issue by just using a 2 column stack in an Extra content area… I often think of solutions right after I post a question!

If anyone has tips on the code required, might be handy for other cases, though.

(David) #3

If you are using stacks you could use JW’s Houdini stack or Weaver’s Kingdom Logo stack. There may be a few more similar stacks available as well - I think Doobox makes one similar to Houdini. If a logo will be used on multiple pages you can make it a partial.

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Thanks David,

Great suggestions… Think I may have bought Houdini a while ago… Will have to dig it out again!

The 2 column solution seems to work well for the moment, but thanks for the suggestions!


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Take a look at the Logo stack:

Change logo link
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