Looking at purchasing RapidWeaver but need advice please

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMGfMXcL-2U This video is amazing and I would like to build something similar. What stacks would I need to purchase to be able to do the same things in the video?

Before I do purchase I need to confirm, in the future I want to transfer the website to a company that can manage and even improve it but I am not sure what they will use. Will they be able to do this?

In regards to filtering information I want the ability for users to search for key words and then the website will display different links for them to select.
But also users will be able to use the search function and then select a specific word they want to display in a table i.e user to select a car model: Mercedes-Benz and then the user only wants to have cars displayed in a table of models that have “Apple CarPlay”.
I also want the search function to display certain columns so users can compare i.e two different car models and the optional equipment each car has.

Also will it be possible for an app to be built with the same url?

Is it possible to Sell stuff on website when I have built it?

I can’t find information to see if the website I build will be Android phone compatible?

I want to build a Form for users to email queries etc. Is this possible on RapidWeaver?

Is it possible to build a Subscription service to allow emails sent out to users for updates of the website.

Is it possible to keep updating the website I have built? Or is there a limit?

Are users able to donate money for me to be able to fund the build and improvement of the website?

Is there a way of checking how much traffic is coming into the website and seeing what is being selected?

Sorry for all of the above questions but I am a complete novice and just need reassurance that I am buying the right software.

Thank you for your time.

That’s created with Foundation 6 and associated stacks, so these questions are for @joeworkman.

Thank you.

For anyone to work on a site built in Rapidweaver, as in develop it, update it, edit it etc. they will need a copy of Rapidweaver plus all the stacks used to build it.

And, of course, the hardware to run it (a Mac).

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Thank you for your reply.

Would it be possible to just use my website link (or domain) and update the website with another software instead, for example use Dreamweaver.

Not really. The RW software with stacks will create all the relevant html and php pages and build the entire site file structure before uploading to your webserver.

Editing the generated files with other editors will mean that RW no longer has the primary copy of the site.

Thank you for your reply.

Worst case scenario, I would lose the use of RapidWeaver but another piece of software can keep the page “alive” and updated.

Main reason I am asking, in the future I can see myself giving this website who is a professional (I am a novice user) who may want to use another piece of software to manage and update the website.

You really can’t do it that way. I mean as someone above said, if you really wanted to, you could, but it would be an extremely difficult way to do things. Ad as said above, once you’ve changed even one line of code in the HTML that RW outputs, you’ll never be able to edit it in RW again.

If you want to create a site then pass it over to someone else to manage, if they don’t have and use RW, then RW is not really the tool for the job. In this instance, you’d be better off using one of the many browser-based website builders.

Thank you for your reply.

I didn’t think the browser based websites would be able to transfer the website data to a proper piece of software such as RapidWeaver etc.

Would you be able to recommend one that
Would be able to display the information I want to display?

No, they won’t. I’m now somewhat confused about what you are trying to do, so I’ll bow out. My only input was to tell you if you want to give a RW built site to someone else to maintain, they will also need RW. Beyond that you’ll need to seek help from others.

Bless you and Thank you.
Sorry to confuse me but its my fault as I am not explaining myself properly.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

That video is using RapidWeaver with my software. You will need this…

RapidWeaver - https://www.realmacsoftware.com/rapidweaver/
Stacks - https://yourhead.com/stacks
Foundation 6 - https://www.weavers.space/stacks/foundation

I have a great community of Foundation users in addition to this forum over at https://community.weavers.space/

I am not sure what you are referring to here.


Yes. All sites will work in all of the latest browsers.


Yes. Many people use a software called Sitelok in conjunction with RW to handle this.

You can update it all that you want.

I guess you could do a PayPal donate button. Or something with Patreon.

You would need to use Google Analytics or some other service.

Amazing thank you!
STACKS - which stack do I need to purchase?
Foundation 6 - is that a course or another stack on the website?

The forum looks amazing and thanks for this info.

in regards, to an app, can an app be built for the website, after I have built a website.
Hope that makes a little more sense but if it does not then I will try to explain further?

In the future, is it possible to keep my website link, then provide a company my website who will be able to build a better website than me using another piece of software but still use my website link? They will then be managing and improving the website. Does that make sense? Not sure if that makes sense and apologies if I do not make sense.

Thank you again for the information.

@dr_saahb Sure, another company can use your current “domain” (rather than link) but use a completely different software product to make it better. In a way your current website might serve as a rough draft for them.

… but they won’t be able to easily use your design from RW. The text/content, the images, the video, etc. can all be fine for them to use easily. But that would redesign from the bottom up using whatever is their preferred software/design tools.

Not sure if I understand correctly, but I guess you want to create a website (responsive / mobile first) and bundle the final website into an native app to be delivered through the app stores?

This is technically possible with Cordova, Capacitor and other wrappers, however the final website needs some solid tweeking, e.g. all URL/Links needs to be tweaked to be served from the native wrapper and not a a webserver. (at the end, you’re using the native wrapper just as an browser serving local files).

Also keep in mind that the exported site might reference files from other locations, like javascript libraries and such. They either need to be included into your app or the app has to go online to load this libraries. Keep also in mind, that Apple is not very happy with this sort of bundled apps and might simply reject your app (so they did a couple of years ago with all of this wordpress bundlers)


Thats perfect and good to know!
Thank you :smile:

Thank you. This is really useful! Thanks again :smile:

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