Looking for a feature that locks a column

I am using the Endeaver theme and saw a feature on website that I would like to use. The website is http://landor.com and as you scroll, there are boxes that stick in the left column while images continue to scroll. I found Sticky Grummage but I think it only works with Foundation or I am using it wrong http://demo.bigwhiteduck.com/sticky-grummage/

Any advice on a stack or feature that does this on a theme?


Have a look at this one see if that’s what you want

Thanks, I will try it

I just downloaded Pin to a brand new site. On this page, I have two left column text boxes set with Pin (case study and approach) http://www.propulo.com/solutions/customer_experience/call_center_effectiveness/index.html

When I scroll down with safari and chrome, the feature works where the word sticks then disappears. When someone else using IE accesses the page, the words pins at the menu and stays, eventually overlapping all words below as the user scrolls. I viewed her IE on desktop sharing and she is correct. I haven’t finished building the site but if I can’t get this stack to work, I will have to delete it. Any suggestions from anyone who has used it? Thanks in advance

I have given more details in my reply to your support request, but for the benefit of others reading this thread I suspect she is using IE9. I have tested the page in question all the way back to Win7 / IE10 with no problems as shown in this video http://bwd.d.pr/RkbH

There is no reason not to update to IE10 even if one is stuck with Windows 7 for some reason (despite even IE10 no longer being supported or security fixed by MS since July 2016)

At work, if everything goes well, I will be getting updated from Windows XP to Windows 7 in the next few weeks :laughing:

It’s sad really.

@jabostick Yes, I know it can be a problem in large organisations but since MS stopped supporting IE9 / IE10 it has become a bit more of a security issue than before when it was just a inconvenience.

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Hi Andrew,

I recieved an update and my error, turns out she was using Chrome on her PC. I asked someone else to test and he saw the same issue on Chrome (PC) but Firefox worked fine. IE worked as well. Weird, I tried Chrome on my Mac and it worked. I have asked both to verify versions and both had autoupdates set up (they had version 54 like I did). Any thoughts?


Here is working in Chrome 54 on Win 10 - http://bwd.d.pr/dX63

What version of windows is she using?

and Chrome 54 on Win 7 works as well - http://bwd.d.pr/E7PU

Thanks… I will check in with them. I appreciate your testing


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