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Hello everybody,

I am using RW8 with Foundation and in this specific circumstance I am using the beautiful Chroma Stack by @tav

As you can see in my blog article page , I have used the Chroma Stack to fix the blue side-banner, so it keeps company the reader throughout the whole article.
I’d love to have the blue side-banner to disappear once the user scroll down the green banner with the CTA.
Any idea on how to do that? Do I need Chroma Pro Stack to do that?

The easiest way would be to use Sticky Grummage instead of Chroma, this will stick in a column and so when the end of that column is reached SG will scroll up with the rest of the content.

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Thanks Andrew!.

Do I have to equalise the height ONLY of the column of SG or do I have to equalise other columns inside the 2 column stack of the blog page?

Can I do that directly inside the 1 column Foundation Stack? (I don’t have the new Foundation 6 yet…)

You only need to equalise the column that the Sticky Grummage is inside which looking at your page will be the “outer” two column stack.

Just set the Equalizer setting to Equalize in the 2 col stack settings (Foundation 1).

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:thinking: . . .

I have done that, but it is not fixing…

I have also tried to equalise all the others… but they don’t have an effect on Sticky Grummage Stack. So, then I de-selected equalise to all, and just kept the Equalise setting to the 2 column… I am not sure why it’s not working.

I don’t have to do anything fancy inside GS, right?. The settings looks very easy and seems I have to do nothing for it to stick

Make sure that the Sticky Grummage is directly inside the column - i.e. not within another stack.

Here is a little example, I’ve placed a non sticky paragraph and a sticky paragraph in column 2 so you can see it in operation similar to your page.

It’s working now. Thanks a lot for your help Andrew.
You have been so helpful as always!

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Thanks @tav, I put it in a 3 column to give some padding on the left and it works great. Thank you.

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