Looking for a hit counter

Can anyone recommend a good hit counter or visitor counter?
I’m looking for something that has the option of letting me know how many hits on the site but with the option of either letting the visitor see how many and also to hide that option as well.
Thank you.

I don’t know of any and I hope there isn’t one :wink:
Sorry but Hit Counters in most cases are outdated (yes, they were cool 20 years ago) and won’t add any value to a site.

In most cases a hit counter is something that is best done on the server, so you should check with your ISP. They sometimes have short snippets to insert on a page.

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Hi, Take a look to:


Many options


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statcounter.com - can be visible or hidden with the added option of much more info available, just drop a bit of code (they supply) into your page.


Couldn’t agree more. And better hope you get plenty of visitors if you do use

I agree,

But sometimes is useful to know how many visitor do you have to a given page.

In my case I’m using a hidden option on one of my pages.


For something that is hidden you could try:



Hi Peppermint,
That is what I’m looking for, something that is going to tell me what people are looking at.
Which one do you use?
Thank you.

Hi Snail47,
Just seen your reply.
I’ll have a look at that, looks good.

I’m using http://www.brynowendesign.com/stacks/HitCounter/


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