Real-time counter of page viewers?

(John) #1

With greetings to all, a question:

BBC currently has a page up showing the number of visitors currently viewing the page. The counter looks like this:


and then moments later it updates…


My question: Is there a way to create such a real-time counter in Rapidweaver? (I’m not interested in capturing IP addresses or other tracking data.)

If there’s a stack out there with this function, please advise.


(Jan Fuellemann) #2

Not a stack, but I use this:

It is german, but easy to use - the most important part: no cookies, no storage of IP addresses.

(Jochen Abitz) #3

Hi Jan, I don’t think the counter shows realtime visitors.

(Jan Fuellemann) #4

Thank you, you are right. It does not show real-time visitors, just the number of unique visitors which have visited your site.

(Doug Bennett) #5

My opinion is “real-time visitors” is kind of a bogus number. What are you counting and what’s it supposed to represent. What about robots and abandoned browser sessions (open tabs).

Also on smaller traffic sites(like most RapidWeaver sites) the number of people actually on a page at one time is probably going to be tiny. There’s 1,440 minutes in a day, I often hear RapidWeaver developers stating they have 2,000 or so “hits” a day, you can do the math.

Not to mention the overhead added to accurately track something like this.

(John) #6

Doug, you raise a good point about what is being counted. With boring content on my sites (compared to the drama gracing BBC’s pages these days), a real-time counter would highlight how few people are on a page at one time.