Stacks not displaying


got a small problem of some of my stacks ad ons not displaying

namely the HitCounter v1.0.5 only coming up on some pages but not all and
the stack Comments Disqus not coming up on the same page. I have publish and re published and nothing.
I checked the files and the code is there however it just does not show on the published website. any one got any ideas how I could fix this?


Joe Red Rog

A link to your published page will help us better help you.

ok here is a link to the page that the ad ons wonโ€™t appear on

any help resolving this issue would be great.

A update to my problem I have even dragged and dropped an additional text field and picture under the hit counter and disqus comment stack and it does not publish either. so everything up to the comment stack shows but everything under it does not?

I think this may be a glitch with the software because I have made an entire new page named test containing some text stacks and counter stacks and a disqus however it wonโ€™t appear either after publishing.

I have tried re booting rapid weaver as well as my computer but still nothing:(

I solved the problem I just made a complete new page with the exact content and It worked, however there is clearly some glitches in the software

This is because you added something to your site that changed the filename from index.html to index.php and now have two webpages up

Of course, your server can only point to one, and 99.9% of them will point to the html over the php. Since this is a RapidWeaver issue as they do not delete pages, you will need to go onto your server with an FTP app and delete the html page.
Make sense?


Yes sir, I have total access of my files and I will implement your solution. Many thanks for the help.