Looking for a RapidWeaver Solution that tracks unique #s like Where's George

I am a teacher, and during this time of COVID19, I would like to show my classroom students how many social exchanges are happening in their lives. I know of Where’s George - https://www.wheresgeorge.com/ that tracks serial numbers on dollar bills. I’d like to give each of my students a postcard with a distinct # on it, and allow them to track the card when they give it to another student, or an adult in their life. Do any of you know if I can do this in Rapidweaver? If not, do you know of another affordable solution?

Thank you!

Update: I’ve been searching traceabiity software that uses serial numbers. I have not found anything yet.

Hi Derek,

What would be the process… Would the next owner of the postcard log it online as to who they passed it onto ?


Yes, that is what I was thinking.

  1. They’d receive the postcard.
  2. They’d see the serial # and website.
  3. They would go to the website.
  4. They would enter the serial number.
  5. They would be prompted to “tell a story about the exchange.”
  6. Perhaps the location of the exchange on a google map would be recorded??? I doubt that… but just thinking.
  7. Then the recipient of the card would “pass it on” to the next person they have an educational exchange with.

The G Sheet stack can do some cool things with a google spreadsheet (https://www.weavium.com/stacks/gsheet) and maybe people could input their data there. I have zero experience with databases but maybe Easy DB (https://www.stack-its.com/stacks/easydb.php) could be an option…

Or a more manual way… Have a form with all the relevant fields and update it/style yourself (or have that feed into a database). Not sure how many you’d be expecting to receive so maybe this isn’t a realistic option

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Thank you for the support. Much appreciated. AND, my class is small. Perhaps I could start the process manually, and then, if needed “upgrade.” (I was trying to save myself time, and perhaps, this would do it.) Thanks again. I’ll check into Gsheet and Easy DB.

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