A way to chart, graph or even just mark progress

I belong to an online fitness group. We are looking at doing a challenge where everyone, 10-20 people, would commit to doing 100 hours or miles of work out. We need a way for people to go on and mark this or enter some kind of data to show what they have done. Any ideas? Thanks.

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Maybe this:



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Charter can pull in data from a Google Sheet too.

I built a site to do exactly this a year ago during the first UK lockdown. We had a charity event to walk to Tokyo Head Office (Mitsubishi) from the UK Head office and passing through all the capital cities on the way. The site used two pages.

Front page was a formloom form for the employee to post their daily steps totals. They could post daily or weekly. I changed the form each week to show the current week date as default. The contents of the form were written straight to a google sheet.

The second page the results page used Charter (Shaking the Habitual) stack to graph the results reading direct from the same google sheet.

I also used the Opics 2 stack from 1LD to show the results of the top three persons who walked the most each week and also the top departments.

It took us 11 weeks to walk the 13,000 odd miles and at the end of each week I used a photo looking from the location we had reached so far, as a way to show where we were. The photo below is the final destination of the Imperial Palace Gardens looking at the Mitsubishi Towers in the background.


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