Looking for a simple forms stack

(Jan Fuellemann) #1

Hi, I need a form stack which just includes the NAME and E-MAIL field for a simple sign up form to an event. The ones I have always require a subject etc. Any clue?



(Pedro Perdomo M.) #2

Like FormLoom?, or Post Office?


(Rob Beattie) #3

Yuzool’s Register stack perhaps?


(Jan Fuellemann) #4

Yes, but this has no field for a name…

(Gordon Shupe) #5

You may want to consider using a Google Form and iFrame it in your page. Then you can ask for as much or as little as you want and it will be held in a Google spreadsheet that you can use for Mail Merging labels, name badges, or building an email groups.

Most of the stacks forms send you an email, which then you have to copy and paste individually into a spreadsheet or list for your event.

(Pedro Perdomo M.) #6

FormLoom is capable of generating forms which not only submit results via email, but also archive form results in a MySQL database or Google Sheets

(Gary) #7

Chillidog’s FormsPlus, if it didn’t have the Step process would be a perfect solution for small forms. FormsPlus is brilliant for large forms but IMHO not such a good fit for small forms where you want the entire form to be visible with a single Submit or Send button.

(Jonathan Spencer) #8

Formloom is very good and can save your submitted forms to a MySQL database or Google Sheets.
You also have complete control over the fields so can have just the two you need such as Name and Email.

(Jan Fuellemann) #9

Hi, I am using FormSnap from @yabdab now, which works great for my purpose. Thanks for all suggestions!