Fillable form on a registration page

what is a good stack or what do I need to add a form on my website that can be filled out on line and submitted"

There are lots of Form stacks available (a sample list here: Do you have any specific requirements?
FormsPlus by Chillidog is a good one (but originally intended for multi-step forms)
Siphon offers a uniquely-styled version of a form
FormLoom 3 is a plugin but comes with a stack to embed the form on Stacks pages
I’ve never used HTML Contact Form by Doobox but I’ve heard good things on that…

I’m missing a lot of others but those are a few examples…

Jason: I have forms with a lot of information that needed to be dropped in. copy and paste I hope. These are entry forms for a auto racing event. they need to fill out name, experience, type of car, etc. What do you recommend that is easy to use. I know nothing to speak of about code. thanks, Ron nelson

I’d probably suggest FormsPlus or FormLoom then. You could also try something like Eventbrite as well. This wouldn’t require you to know code, but you’d need to copy and paste some code. is worth a look, I use one on a clients site for booking.

We use:

Why not just use the built-in Contact Form page?


where do you find that. I don’t see it in the stacks on the left column. Ron

It is not a stack, it is a page type.

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What @zeebe said.

Stacks are great and there are plenty of options but you may find that the built-in free form page type does everything you need.


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@LOTUS111 I wholeheartedly recommend Siphon. It’s a simple to use stack and the results are outstanding!

Depends on how complex your form needs to be. If reasonably complex I’d recommend Formloom 3. Supports many field types including text field and box, email, numerical, multi select, drop down, radio buttons, date / time, Hidden, Captcha / reCaptcha and more. Also supports entry validation in various ways. Hs adjustable field widths, fully responsive, good styling options and lots more.

Also comes with a stack so you can add as you wish to a stacks page if desired. I have about 40 forms built with this and it’s rock solid. There are several other options and I’m not decrying any of them - just that I tried Formloom and was instantly very happy with it.

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I’ve been playing with Formloom again and find that it adds loads of files to my uploads.

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