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I am using the excellently simple “Mailto” stack from Doobox for website entries to a small poetry competition. It provides the essential information I need and is the preferred method in this instance, but is limited to 4 fields:

I have adapted this, but the result is a little inelegant and I would prefer a separate email field, rather than using the message box. You can see my attempt here:
Test Page
Anyone with an alternative suggestion, other than a conventional form and preferably HTML rather than PHP? I am not a coder, but happy to add a code snippet if I’m shown where. (Doobox support just say I am stuck with 4 fields.)
To preempt one question, I do know that the email address can be picked up from the header, but I need confirmation of where to contact entrants if they are successful.
Looking forward to some help.


Have you seen Contact Form from Doobox…easy and works well.
Personally I use FormSnap…can do almost anything.

Thanks joemart1951. I originally looked at Doobox HTML Contact Form and it seems to have the same 4 fields restriction – and you can’t attach a file to send.
I’ll have a look properly at FormSnap, (a quick glance looked promising) but I’m still looking for a basic email sender in preference to a form, so the sender keeps a copy in the ‘Sent’ box of his mail app.

FormSnap can send a receipt and an attachment.

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I’ve noted that. Formsnap looks good but could be overkill for the very simple purpose in mind. And possibly a little complex to set up, looking at the documentation. I can see it’s value for other purposes, though. “Mailto” comes closer to what I want in this instance – if only I could add an extra field.

Thanks for helpful suggestions, joemart1951

Anyone else out there with ideas, please?

There are quite a few options. FormLoom will do about everything but is probably a bit much, you seem to want to keep it simple. If you want to keep using a product that launches the users mail client then have a look at Formulate from Stacks4Stacks. It allows you to add as many fields as you want and just set the "Mail Handler to “Mail To”.

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Thanks teefers. At first glance Formulate looks good. I’ll try the demo and see what it can do.


I’ve tried the demo of Formulate and this gives a slightly better page layout, but the email generated is so, so basic (obviously based on a form response the sender does not see) and so, it looks like my Doobox Mailto workaround will have to suffice.
Thanks for the suggestions, so far.

Here is a FormSnap Sample:
Try it out…

Thanks joemart1951. Having tried your sample, that is a neat solution I shall certainly consider.

Here is what you get?

I received a confirmatory email, in the same style without the attachment. I have used PHP driven forms many times, in my working days, (though not with RW), but I’m now like one of those old, rusty machines you see in farmyards that once were useful, but now need a lot of work to ever get going again. One of the reasons I wanted a very simple format for a very small website.
Thanks for you help. Colin.

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