Looking for a stack that will let site visitors toggle state on a page


I’m putting together a website which will be used by a small number of visitors to communicate a simple piece of information (like “on” or “off”). The idea is that any visitor could toggle a switch, and then that switch would stay in that position until someone else changed it. I really like the interface of the OLD Toggle This stack, but that state gets reset each time the page reloads. I was in contact with the designer, who felt that something could be written with PHP, but it sounded fairly complex and I was wondering if anyone knew of a stack that would take care of the back end stuff for me.

I don’t want to have a login or password, there are no security concerns for this limited application. Just want a simple way of letting site visitors change the toggle so that it will be set for the next visitor.


Quick update - The 1 Little Designer (1LD, not OLD!) support team just contacted me to say that they released an update of their “Toggle This” stack to allow for setting cookies that preserve the state. Unfortunately, that only works if you view it again on the same browser/device. What I need is some way of any visitor setting a state that all future visitor will see, until one of them changes the state again…

Do I understand correctly:

  • Visitor opens page, the page shows a value (toggle), like ‘yes’ or ‘no’
  • Visitor presses a button and this changes the value to ‘no’ (if it was yes) or ‘yes’ (if it was no)
  • Next visitor opens the pages and sees the new value and can change it again

Is this only one value on the page or more?

I have Toggle This and don’t believe I have gotten a similar update notice. I’m showing 1.0.1. Is that current? Doesn’t 1LD use the update function within RW?



Thanks! Sorry, for some reason alerts didn’t work, and I didn’t see this.

But yes, that’s what I’m looking for. There might be up to four values on the page…

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