Pop-up for visitors entering site

I am looking for the best way to create a pop-up when someone visits our website. I want to inform “first time” visitors about our privacy and cookie policies. Kind of like how you see something along the lines of " by continuing use of our website you have read and agreed to our privacy and cookie policies" but I want it to be shown only the first time someone visits.
Can anyone assist me with this?

Thanks in advance

This may help?

Thanks so much robbeattie - that would work perfectly, but unfortunately I am still running RW6 with El Capitan and my machine will not allow the upgrade to Sierra to be able to upgrade to RW8 (damn it jim I’m just a doctor)

Are you using the stacks plug-in? If so there are plenty of great stacks that allow you do to this and would offer the cookie functionality that’s you’re looking for in order to only show the pop up once per browser.

danhill, yes I am using stacks plugin - can you offer any suggestions for the best stack to use?


Stacks4Stacks (@willwood) has the stack ‘Cookie Manager,’ which is perfectly suited for this type of job


Will has also added a lot of explanations both on the website, as well as within the stack. It’s a free stack, Thank you @willwood for providing such a service for all of us.

I use Gateway from stacks4stacks (@willwood). It costs but you can download a demo and use it to make sure it will do what you want and I’m sure it will. And the support couldn’t be better.

Thanks Gerd and 1611 - I will look into those options


Will has recently released Mini Cookie which is an all in one solution for the pop up cookie notice and conditional display of items.

Wasn’t aware of this. I’ve found other solutions to be either incomplete or pretty opaque. I’ll take this for a spin.



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