Display a stack only once to each user?

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Just wondering if someone knows of a stack that will only display content once to a user. So on refresh that stack won’t appear again for that user IP address.

I don’t want it to be a notice floating stack but just a normal stack that I can drop an image or other stacks into it but once viewed it won’t display again to that user.

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Perhaps this old thread will help?

Joe Workman’s call to action can do that.

I think @joeworkman’s call to action only Launches other modals?

I think that’s technically right but some of the stacks that it integrates with have options to start in their active state or positioned so that they’re part of the page vs a modal (limelight, for example). So, theoretically, I’d imagine there’s a way to do it. I haven’t had a chance to try myself though…

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Sorry, missed that part, Thanks Doug

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CTA has so many stacks it can trigger. It would be interesting to see if you could make it do that.
I think what is wanted is something that appears on the page in a normal location, only the first time the page is visited from that IP address.

Of course, you would have to account for the page flow when it disappears.

Call to Action integrates with Peek-a-Boo and Target. Both which can be used within the page content.

Hi all,

Thanks for all the comments and suggestions.

Basically, what I’m trying to achieve is using JW SlotMachine and ScratchCard stack by Stacks4Stacks

We want to setup a small customer competition using the ScratchCard stack but want to try and achieve a random win result and instead of it appearing on each launch it would only appear once for each user on load with something like CTA or another stack that can recognise the user IP address so owe can set to load once per user.

The prize will only be small, maybe like 20% off next purchase or something along those lines.

It will just be at the middle of the page in 1 column, so page flow won’t be interrupted if not displayed.

Thanks in advance for your great ideas and suggestions.

Many thanks

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