Looking for a stack to change items by date/time from a list

I’m looking for a stack that will change the information, from a predetermined list, on a given day and time.
I have multiple speakers at our meetings every month. I’d like to not have to change the site every week. I’m looking to load a CSV file, or some other file type, which will pull the name and info on a date/time associated with the speaker for the following week and replace the previous data.

Hi David,

welcome to the community. For this issue you could make use of something like Grid Iron. Turn your CSV file into a Google Spreadsheet and link this to your site. You’d still have to manually adapt the Google Spreadsheet but since it is in the cloud you can do this very easily from wherever you want without having to update your RW project every time.

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Hi @davidblock,

Not from a CSV-file, but Advanced Publisher lets you “program” contents in advance and have it automatically revealed (and hidden) between certain date ranges.

You could make stacks for each of your speakers, drop them into Advanced Publisher and assign the date range that you’d like to have that info on your site. Advanced Publisher will check the system time and date each time the site is pulled from the server and determine which of the stacks (if any) needs to be fed to the visitor’s browser.

Check it out here:
AdvancedPublisher | Stacks4Stacks

Will Woodgate (the creator of Advanced Publisher) also makes a free version with limited functionality which might be enough for you. It’s called Expiry and can be found here:

This answer was not sponsored by Will by the way. :slight_smile:



Tardis from Joe Workman?


Thank you for the suggestion!

Awesome! Thank you for your suggestion!

Thanks for the suggestion!

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