Daily Missing In Action

Daily stack doesn’t appear to be sold anymore by Doobox, although it is still listed as a stack for sell. Anybody know of another stack that will display different content dependent on the day of the week? Thanks in advance.

There are a couple from Will Woodgate that might be suitable. One is AdvancedPublisher, the other is Expiry. One of them is free and the other you can download a free demo to see if it works before buying.

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You are lucky! My Tardis stack is on sale 30% off this week only. Discount applied at checkout.


Thank you. I could not find Expiry on the realmac website, but did click on the link you provided. I did find Advanced Publisher and it might do what I want, but will investigate closer tomorrow.

This looks like an exact match for what I am looking for in a replacement. I had looked thru your stuff quickly, as well as all other developers, but only focused on what seem to be a match based on name of the stack.

I think I have bought from you in the past. You are well known to me by name. I haven’t been doing this type of work for a couple of yers, but tried tonight to reestablish the capability to do this again. different set of computers, so I pretty much started from scratch. I will say that I am impressed that you responded, don’t know if that is you the individual or some corporate entity, but in any case, still impressive. You are hungry, which is a good metric in my mind. I like to deal with responsive people. I thought I was almost done with reestablishing my stacks and was going to focus on the few themes I once had, but tomorrow I will be taking another look at your stacks. I seem to remember you used to offer bundles once in awhile. Perhaps we can do some business on Tuesday when I wake up.

No big company. It’s just me. I do it all… :slight_smile:

I’m heading to bed now though. Have a wonderful day!

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