Looking for a stack to make full screen sections with sticky dot nav on side

Hi everyone! I created this design mockup with the SECTIONS stack from Elixir’s Potion Pack in mind. Unfortunately, it turns out that the content of these sections is too limited for my design.

Does anyone know of a stack that would help me realize my design and functionality?

When I asked a similar question, here’s what @Elixir said: “Personally I would build an anchor based site using Mega Menu and the Anchor stacks instead of using Sections. You’re likely to end up there after working with Sections anyway I think. Sections is for VERY limited amounts of content, which always seems to end up being too limiting for the vast majority of users.”

Might be worth looking into that approach?



Yes, Joe Workman’s Screens stack: Screens Stack for RapidWeaver

Thanks for the responses!

As a follow up, I thought I’d share what I found that worked for me.

Stacks Pro lets you create full screen height sections than can contain additional stacks. Unlike the restricted layouts of Elixir’s Sections stack, this one gives you more design freedom within the stack.

Now I just need to find a way to have overlapping containers and z-index control.

This could do what you need


That would work! I thought I’d be able to do this with containers and negative margins, but I’m not having much luck.

I’m totally new to RapidWeaver, but it looks like margins and padding can only be set with pixels. I was hoping to use a percentage or ems. Am I missing a setting or option for that?

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