How can this be built with Stacks?

Very nice design at I like that it effectively eliminates scrolling through the site. Any thoughts on how to go about building this?

This is a somewhat typical design: it can work really well if you don’t have too much text on any one “side” or “section”. If you have Foundry you can use the Sections stack to create this look. If you have Foundation you can do similar. Joe Workman may actually have a standalone stack for doing this as well. But if you already have Foundry or Foundation I think you’re set. Otherwise visit Joe Workman for the standalone version.

The Joe Workman stacks @Mathew was thinking of are called Screens

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A second vote for @joeworkman and his screens stack. The sections pro series of stacks from @big_white_duck is also a great set of stacks that can accomplish this as well. There’s a theme out there that takes a similar full page scroll approach…can’t recall at the moment but I’ll see if I can track it down.

And as @Mathew points out some of the various frameworks can easily accomplish as well. I personally have used foundation a lot and love it. The others, foundry, source, etc are equally as powerful.

As @danhmill said, Foundry has also a stacks (called “Sections”) that works perfectly well for this kind of design. I’ve used it : very simple and powerful.

This can also be done with Platform, see demo here:


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