Looking For Basic Customer Support. I need the login info for my paid for Community Gold Membership

Good Afternoon,

I purchased a Realmac Rapidweaver Community Gold membership but never received the email with login info.
The online reseller (Paddle.com) who processed the payment from the link from the Rapidweaver Community website has received funds from my bank.
The reseller sent me a receipt and explained that it’s Rapidweaver’s responsibility to send me the login information.

I have sent multiple emails over the last 24 hours but have yet to receive anything but a canned response.
Please, this is a simple request, just send the login for the service I already paid for!

Thank you,

Charles Brones

Can you not get it via the ‘Forgot password’ link on the login page?

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When I click on the “Forgot Password” link I receive a message that an email has been sent but I never receive it. I have checked my “Junk” folder, but no email has been received. I know my mail account is working because I have received other messages. I’ve considered creating a “New” basic account but not sure if that will create more problems and if I’ll lose the paid account.

Sorry, I assumed you tried that already but though ‘just in case’. Also assuming that you’re using the same email address as your Paddle account, I imagine Dan or Ben or someone will get you sorted out soon enough.

I guess the only other thing to try might be locking into your paddle locker and seeing if it is there. (my.paddle.com) When I bought a community membership it was pre-paddle, but my RW7 licencing info shows up in my paddle locker still…

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another example of disappointment. Even trying to get so-called “premium” service is a hassle.

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Thank You Jason,

Paddle customer support also suggested looking in my locker

I’m trying to cancel my silver membership but am not having much luck. Starting to smell a rat!

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Try going to http://rapidweavercommunity.com/my/subscription, there you should see a cancel option at the bottom of the pricing/feature table under “silver”.


Eugenio and Neil thanks for your advice.
It’s been four days now and I still haven’t heard from support@realmacsoftware.com. At this point I would like to cancel the service but there doesn’t seem to be any way to do this. I followed the link provided by NeilUK but there’s no cancel option. I can’t believe I’ll have to call my credit card company to stop payment. This is quite possibly the worst customer service I’ve experienced in an industry (software) know for terrible customer support. Wow this is how you treat a customer that signed up for your “premium” service! a HUGE contrast to Joe Workman Support who responded to an email in under 5 minutes!!! Those guys are the best, Realmac could learn something about support from them. BTW, the tutorial videos that Realmac Rapidweaver Community is charging a membership fee for are available free of charge on Joe Workman’s YouTube channel. If anyone from Realmac actually monitors this forum please cancel my gold membership. Thank you!

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Maybe @ben and @dan haven’t yet seen this post.

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Do they actually exist?

I was thinking about subscribing to premium support but this definitely deterred any such thoughts. Thanks for posting your experience. I hope you can cancel and get your $ back.

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I agree with bad communication from different Plug in suppliers for Rapid Weaver.
Most are great, but one in particular that charges a fortune for their product(who I won’t mention) makes me wish I never invested in RapidWeaver and his plug in.:rage:

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Hi @CBrones, I’ve just replied to your private email. Sorry for the delay!

Again, sorry for the delay — we reply as fast as we can, normally within 24 hours. Sometimes it takes us longer than we’d hope, and what with it being the holiday season, everyone here at Realmac had taken a few days off — which is the reason for us not replying sooner.

There is a link to cancel your subscription on the RapidWeaverCommunity.com account area. The reason you couldn’t access this link was because you need to complete your newly created account (which is done by clicking on the link emailed to you, and then selecting a display name and password) before being able to login.

Once you’ve done this you’ll be able to access the subscription details page for your account, which has the link to cancel.

This is not true. The videos I believe you’re referring to are the Getting Started with Foundation videos — those are free for all users, you don’t even need an account to watch them.

I completely understand your frustration with not being able to login and watch the videos — I’m truly sorry about that.

We’re only human, we try our hardest, sometimes we fall short. If you still want a refund just let me know by replying to my email and I’ll sort everything out for you.



Good Afternoon Ben,
Thank you for responding to this issue. This has been frustrating but in no way diminishes my enthusiasm for RapidWeaver or Foundation, they are excellent products!

Kind regards,


Glad to hear that :slight_smile:

Hope you find the tutorial videos helpful, Just let me know if you need anything else.

Happy Weaving :smiley: