RW8. Paid and got no Receipt, no link - no nothing


I purchased the Rapidweaver 8 upgrade yesterday and all I got was a payment conformation page. i didn’t receive and email, a download link - nothing.

I also cant find a contact option in support.

Can someone help me with this.

yes there support but ti all FAQ’s. i cant find a contact


I’m also not getting any response whatsoever from support, who i contacted via this email address:

Can someone please get in touch and help me rectify this.


I’ll tag @LaPan,
Did you try to login to your Locker? The Login is your email and password is what you set it to. If you forgot password there’s a Forgot link on the page.


Most probably, you used a wrong email address with the Paddle checkout. Typo…


Don’t panic - see this thread here for more info: Missing RW8 Download Link and License

But in short, If you’ve not received a confirmation, just email and they will sort you out.


exactly what happened here - the shame!

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