Purchased RapidWeaver 7, but nothing received

Hello. I purchased RapidWeaver 7 on June 1st, but never received any email from your company. Nothing about how to go about installing it. Can you please let me know what I need to do?

I would email support@realmacsoftware.com

I did email them on June 1st about two hours after I purchased the software, and still nothing.

thats very unlike Realmac Software have you got any junk mail filters etc running ?

@denisereed If nothing has changed, purchases are done using Paddle.
I didn’t receive an email either, but right after purchase logged in at my Paddle account and found the activation code/serial number.

There’s a Paddle email support link at the bottom.
Otherwise, as @scottsteven suggested, send an email to the folks at Realmac.

Hope this helps,