Looking for php expert to modify Weaverbox

I am looking for a php expert who could make some mods to WeaverBox for me. I would like to have additional fields in the form (currently the form is limited to two fields, I would prefer to have one additional text field plus a menu element to chose from 4 different service options). Additionally I would like to make fields required.
Can somebody do that for me? Please drop me a note at info DOT frieauff DOT com. Thx!

Hi, this doesn’t require PHP and it can be done by building a custom weaverbox theme. I hear the weaverbox dev is for hire and may be able to have a custom theme developed :wink:


Wow, that would be perfect of course. Please let me know if you need anything else to get this done. Thanks a ton!

Hi Markus

Please open a support ticket with my support system (you can email support@) so we can track/discuss your needs and track what you’re looking for.


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