Rapidweaver Project - Looking For Assistance

Hi all, we are looking to migrate to/use RapidWeaver for our on line stuff. We’ve been using RW for a number of years for basic sites and landing pages and were convinced to move to something else for our main content based website which has turned out to be a f**king disaster. So now we want to move back to Rapidweaver and looking for someone to assist with it.

Basic requirements follow and I can provide more detail if required:

  • Rapidweaver experience and understanding of PHP.
  • Create/develop theme/s as well as template pages and website frame work.
  • Integrate with a CMS like Total CMS or Pulse (open to suggestions). Need to migrate 450-500 current articles, plus add new ones going forward by multiple authors.
  • Help integrate with on line payments. We currently use Paypal but would be happy to move to something like Stripe for more user convenience.
  • Help with a members section (we are implementing Zenbership as core which would be in a members subdomain).
  • Help integrate with Zendesk Support if viable.

Once in place we need the ability to quickly change/update or add pages for A-B testing of landing pages as well as quick fixes in normal day to day operations.

We have some comfort using Rapidweaver at a basic level but this project needs a little more technical expertise and knowledge than we have internally so we can get the basics in place as quickly as possible mostly for the content migration.

Would love to hear from anyone that either has experience or can point us in the right direction to and experienced person or team. We are based in Singapore, but have no problem working with the right person/people anywhere.

Look forward to any suggestions.

Cheers, Richard