Looking for sites made with Endeavor

Curious what other’s have done with Michael David’s wonderful theme, Endeavor.

Anyone want to post their sites! It’s not bragging if I asked :slight_smile


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Quick search at the RapidWeaver Community Page shows two sites on the Gallery page made with Endeavor. It is a nice touch that @ben has added to the theme pages.

I love Endeavor its a good theme :slight_smile: I have a site but its private so I can’t share but you will like Endeavor big pictures and a decent slide show plus enables responsive content. The tutorial is easy. Its a pretty impressive layout especially if you have beautiful pictures. The Scroll feature at the top is nice too!

The two on the community site are mine. :slight_smile:


Pretty happy with them. Great theme but o have found a few limitations and a few little bugs that need to be sorted.
That’s like that with many themes though.

Cheers for your ears.

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Wow BB what an amazing site :anger_right::raised_hand::smirk_cat::innocent::kissing_heart:
How did you do the text hover over the pictures?
This far exceeds my Endeavor uses and shows me theres more to do ! IMPRESSED !
I looked again at it and I also am curious about the general inquiry page wow ! Its kinda like the contact page but even better. Was it hard to do?


Some easy instruction on MDD tutorial page for all the theme capabilities.

The contact form is made with FormSnap by Yabdab.

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I tried looking there @bitbumpy, for some reason I couldn’t figure out how to filter.

The wollongong tennis site is wonderful!

How did you get the square buttons to become transparent like that? Lovely touch!!!

Also how did you add the tennis ball image to the nav bar on top? Did I miss that as well? I’ve looked at the tutorial numerous times.


Transparency is from stacks4stacks. https://stacks4stacks.com/rollfade/

Tennis ball is just an image that has been sliced together with another one.

Thanks! Wonderful creativity using that transparency in that fashion. I figured that’s what you did with the tennis ball, again nice touch!

Appreciate your sharing.